Evolutionaries (2016) by Nicolas Azlon

Evolutionaries (2016) by Nicolas Azlon

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I co-produced, mixed, and mastered this album, Evolutionaries, and released it in 2016! This was a fun project! I really enjoyed rhyming over a mix of my own beats and beats produced by local Austin, Texas producer Ruler Why.

This was the first album I released under my current stage name Nicolas Azlon (which is my first and middle name). Before this point, my stage name was Pojo The Idealist, based on a nickname of mine plus my friend Teo Blake's suggestion based on my idealistic lyrical content. This album was a big step forward for me and a reflection of my intention to do music full-time and create a life of abundance for myself and those I love. Coming from a family who has never had a lot of money, this was a bold move for me at the time. And, I'm glad I made this decision as it has been integral to my personal happiness and motivation ever since.   

The digital download includes 7 high quality .wav files as well a .jpg of the album artwork. 

Appreciate you! And thank you for your support!